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What We Do

The Center for Social Dance has three focus points; Adult Lesson Program, Special Events, and Outreach.

Lesson Program

Most of the Center’s adult classes take place in the evenings and weekends. Dancers can register as a couple or as a single dancer but classes rotate dance partners so that dancers have an opportunity to discover many different lead and following styles as well as have an opportunity to gain additional experiences in patterns and styling. Think of learning to social dance like learning a new language.

At the Center we believe that the best way for anyone to learn the communication component of language or partner dancing is to have an opportunity to try out the language or in our case the dance with many other dancers at different levels. Don’t worry, you always end dance with the dance partner you came with.

Special Events

The Center for Social Dance offers a variety of specials events from wedding dances, holiday gatherings and studio rental, to fundraising events and corporate team building experiences in the workplace. The Center also offers weekly practice dance parties and afternoon tea dances that allow the dancer an opportunity to try out what they have learned in class in a social dance setting as well as see the progression of different dances and other dancers.

Outreach Program

The Social Dance Project outreach program is sponsored by The Center for Social Dance and people like you in our community as well as business who have partnered with the Center.  The Social Dance Project has three specific outreach goals:

At Risk School Districts

There are many ways to define an at risk school district and one of them is by the loss of funding for the arts. The Center for Social Dance recognizes that school districts that have lost funding for the arts and for anything extra for that matter may have a higher rate of students not graduating. The Centers goal is to partner up with the schools and their teachers and tie social dance to the school’s curriculum to add a social dance perspective to the day. This program is funded by the Center and the Centers outreach sponsors and there is no charge to the districts or their families.

School Districts Not at Risk & off Site Programing

Social dance is a compliment to many other programs and can be a great way to team build within the community, create a different approach to learning by tying social dances to curriculum, or just hosting a special event.  School district who would like to have social dance dance as a part of their day can contact the Center.

At Risk Children

The Center offers on-site scholarships for the afterschool programing for students who desire to learn to social dance but may not have the means to do so. Caregivers of school age children can contact the Center for or Social Dance for more information.