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Outreach Program

The Social Dance Project outreach program is sponsored by The Center for Social Dance and people like you in our community as well as business who have partnered with the Center.  The Social Dance Project has three specific outreach goals:

At Risk School Districts

There are many ways to define an at risk school district and one of them is by the loss of funding for the arts. The Center for Social Dance recognizes that school districts that have lost funding for the arts and for anything extra for that matter may have a higher rate of students not graduating. The Centers goal is to partner up with the schools and their teachers and tie social dance to the school’s curriculum to add a social dance perspective to the day. This program is funded by the Center and the Centers outreach sponsors and there is no charge to the districts or their families.

School Districts Not at Risk & off Site Programming

Social dance is a compliment to many other programs and can be a great way to team build within the community, create a different approach to learning by tying social dances to curriculum, or just hosting a special event.  School district who would like to have social dance dance as a part of their day can contact the Center.

At Risk Children

The Center offers on-site scholarships for the after school programming for students who desire to learn to social dance but may not have the means to do so. Caregivers of school age children can contact the Center for or Social Dance for more information.


“Social Dance is a form of creative expression that bridges any divide found among cultures and people.  A few years ago, Joyce Stoughton-Kim volunteered time to organize a swing dance event for our diverse school community. Her goals were to share the historical aspect of swing dancing by highlighting the talents of famous African American dancer, Frankie Manning, and to unite our diverse community through dance.

Several young 10-11 year-olds were taught several social dance moves over the course of a few weeks. What a delight it was to witness their level of competence, and ability to teach others during our special after school dance event! The crowd that attended worked up a sweat as we fox trotted, two-stepped, twirled and dipped our way around the dance floor. Our school is ethnically very diverse. Imagine adults of all sizes, colors and cultures being taught and led by these empowered young students.

Thank you Joyce for bringing your love of dance to Glenridge Elementary School (in Clayton, Missouri)!  Thanks to Joyce– our students not only learned about the historical significance that Frankie Manning and other swing dancers hold in our country, they also learned a lot about themselves and their personal abilities of cooperation, teamwork and perseverance.  How proud I am that Joyce was particularly inspired by what we witnessed regarding the participation of one particularly at-risk, African American male student. The “Social Dance Project” at Glenridge School transformed this student’s outlook about school, and his abilities in school. His level of personal connection to his school community soared; he was so on-fire in the classroom, and so very happy!

Hat’s off to Joyce Stoughton-Kim for putting her vision into action in the Detroit area. Schools there are extremely fortunate to have this unique opportunity to work with Joyce and the amazing team that she has assembled.

Look into this offering– “The Social Dance Project” just might bring the enthusiasm and energy your school needs to make it an extra special place for students and their families to connect, learn and grow together.”

– Beth Scott, Principal, Glenridge Elementary School, School District of Clayton, Clayton, Missouri